June 26, 2019


More than 20 years of excellence in professional chilling and freezing

Normann was founded as an expression of excellence that comes from established experience in the field. Since 1995, it has been designing and manufacturing professional rapid blast chillers meant for the restaurant, pastry, and gelato industries.

Normann’s products allow you to preserve any kind of food, whether cooked or raw, with no alteration to its characteristics and organoleptic properties. Another benefit of blast chilling food is that is drastically reduces the potential for microbial and bacterial growth.

Depending on the particular model in question, Normann blast chillers can reach temperatures of -40°C, meaning that regardless of the food products used, the optimum result is achieved every time.

Examples of foodstuffs and optimal temperatures:

  • Ice-cream/gelato hardening at -18°C
  • Fish sanitation at -20°C
  • Pastry at -18°C

“Proven expertise, careful selection of the best technical components, and the use of the most advanced technologies all guarantee high-quality products that serve as important allies in fulfilling the every need of the most discerning chefs”.

Normann Models

(Spec sheets and technical information for the full Normann range are available upon request)