September 18, 2017



Helia have been producing smokers in Germany since 1983, and can be found in over 80 countries worldwide.

The perfect addition to any commercial or domestic kitchen, however big or small. The Helia smoker comes in two sizes and can be used wherever you want. A very versatile unit, expert in hot and cold smoking processes. Cook precisely and safely with a wood-smoke flavour, ideal for a variety of meats, cheeses, fish and vegetables.

The footprint is compact, which allows the smoker to be used in most catering outlets. The smoker has a number of important benefits:

– It does not require extraction.

– Standard 13 amp plug

– Cooking and smoking in one process.

– Short cooking and smoking times.

– No transfer of flavour from fish to meat.


More recently, Helia have released their Grillomax product – a fat free, commercial air fryer.

With six different models available, the Grillomax features specific compartments for chips/fries and meat cassettes (perfect for burgers, sausages and steak). This means that both meat and fries can be prepared at the same time, in the same unit, and consistently cooked to perfection.