February 17, 2020

Mychef (Distform)

Distform are a sector-leading Spanish manufacturer, who have spent years perfecting their products and striving to offer excellent solutions that have impeccable designs and features.

Distform are the creators of a line of products called the Mychef range, which contains products such as combi ovens, convection ovens, state-of-the-art steamers and vacuum packers.

The Mychef range is suitable for both commercial and home usage, with all the products coming in different sizes and technical features, there is a product to suit any need.

Vacuum Packers


The Mychef iSensor vacuum packers feature patented-technology making them fully automatic. Unlike all other vacuum pack machines, the iSensor does not require any configuration or changes to settings before use – just put the product into the chamber, and the machine will automatically vacuum pack the product.

(Brochure, Spec Sheet and User Manual for Floor Standing iSensor available upon request)


The Mychef goSensor vacuum packers are similar to the iSensor range, without having the automatic function. The goSensor is a professional packaging machine especially recommended for establishments that need to carry out daily packaging, without complications at a competitive price.

iSensor Control Panel

goSensor Control Panel

Combi Ovens

Distform produce a range of different combi ovens, all equipped with slightly different features which enable them to be used for different purposes. The full range of combi ovens contain a patented technology called MultiSteam – a direct injection system that produces steam 5 times quicker than a boiler or direct injection.


Mychef Compact is a state-of-the-art combi oven with reduced dimensions, ideal for kitchens where space is a constraint. The Compact oven comes in two models; the Evolution, which boasts a high-definition touch screen, and the Concept, which features a digital control panel rather than a touch screen.

(Brochures & Spec Sheets for the full range of Combi Ovens available upon request)


Mychef Cook is a professional combi oven that allows spectacular cooking at an unbeatable price. The standard model is the Cook Up, however there is also a higher-end model, the Cook Pro, that also features a DryOut Plus system (helping to create ultra-fast golden crunchies).


Mychef Bake is the ideal combi oven for pastry chefs and bakers who are looking for excellent results in every preparation.

Mychef Cook/Bake demonstration/user manual

Convection Ovens


The Snack is a new and revolutionary convection oven with adjustable humidity, ideal for providing quick service for the most practical and simple cooking.

(Brochures & Spec Sheets for the full range of Snack and Bakeshop models available upon request)


The Mychef Bakeshop is a convection oven with adjustable humidity created especially for baking frozen bakery and pastry products.

Mychef Snack/Bakershop demonstration/user manual

Guide For Wifi Models

A full price list for the Distform range can be found here:

Alternatively, you can visit the Distform website for more information.