New Supplier: Arctiko

Fire & Ice are excited to announce our latest supplier, Arctiko.

Arctiko are a Danish company, founded in 2001. Since then, they have grown to be one of the leading cold chain manufacturers in the world.

Arctiko develop ultra-low temperature freezers, suitable for restaurants, supermarkets and other retail outlets. Their freezers are perfect for freezing fish and other meat products, that when served will still be fresh and be of extremely high quality.

Under food hygiene legislation, certain fishery products intended to be eaten raw need to be frozen before use. Super freezers allow businesses to comply with health and safety standards, whilst also ensuring that food products keep their highest possible quality.

A lot of fish and meat products will start to lose their colour in a standard freezer (usually around -20°C), however when freezing at -60°C or colder, these properties will be kept to a high standard.

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